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Every true blazerĀ out there takes their glass pieces seriously. And why wouldn’t we? These are true pieces of art that are used to help us consume God’s greatest gift to us. So when you’re thinking of purchasing a bong or any type of functional glass there has to be a few simple things to keep in mind. Some of these things to keep in your head when your researching your piece of choice is what smoking features do you require? Bongs are beautiful pieces and they come in all shapes and sizes. Some of the more popular ones are the Beaker bongs that are aptly named as their shape is similar to that of the science equivalent. There are also many different smoking enhancers that can be added to bongs such as various different percolators which help to break down the smoke and provide a smoother smoking experience. Lets break this down a little further so we can go into a little bit more detail.

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Straight Tube Bongs

By far and away the most simplistic design for a vaporizer and also definitely the most popular of all the styles out there. The original style bong, straight tubes have been around since the very first bud was blazed. This bongs are easily recognisable by their cylindrical shape and simplistic plumbing-like design. 9 times out of 10 these are the cheapest bongs available largely due to its simple design and there really isn’t much to producing and manufacturing them. These bongs are hugely popular due to their shape makes them super easy to clean and they are also great for travelling with.

Some examples of Straight Tube Bongs as seen below:


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Beaker-Styled Bongs

A real classic style of bong, the Beaker Bongs is named after their similar appearance to the beaker glassware used in science. If its used in science and stuff, then its good enough for me. Similar enough in appearance to the straight tube styled bongs, these bongs are simple enough in design and have a fairly basic shape to them. This is also a massive benefit to them as, like the straight tub design, they are notably easy to clean and are great for travelling with. One of the key advantages to the Beaker bong over the straight tube is that they come with a much more enlarged base which means that they are capable to stand upright much easier and is much less likely to be accidentally knocked over.

Some examples of Beaker-Styled Bongs:


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Multi-Chamber Bongs

Now we’re moving into the more professional pieces. These are the real deal. Multi-Chamber Bongs are far more intricate to the previous two types of bongs that we have discussed. One of the main benefits that can be found when using a multi-chamber bong is your smoking experience is massively improved. The multi-chamber helps to filter the smoke a lot more as it is passed through the water twice which allows for a much cooler smoke. Seeing as these are more intricate pieces these tend to be a bit more pricer than their competitors. Problems can also arise as they are more difficult to clean and may not be as durable as other pieces. Multi-chamber bongs would normally include other useful features such as scientific glass, ice-holders and/or percolators. Very, very spicy.

Some examples of Multi-Chamber Bongs:


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Percolator Bongs

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